A true Quebec innovation

With our maternity jeans, no more transitional clothes that we buy while we find our figure. Also finished the clothes of before which no longer suit our new forms of mothers.

With its removable panel and its beautiful butt design, our new maternity jeans allow moms to feel good throughout maternity and POST-PARTUM.

feel beautiful

Sexy & Practical

The perfect jeans for a pear-shaped woman! Lol. I usually take 28/29 and taking a smaller size was a must for it to fit well! I love them so much that I ordered 2 pairs, one dark and one light! I love it and feel totally sexy in it!

Perfect even when you're not pregnant

Not pregnant at all, but I couldn't resist. I love the high waist which perfectly emphasizes my silhouette which is normally hard to dress in jeans. - Genevieve Giroux

Tested and approved

I've been wearing it for a few weeks already and I love it. What a great job - Gabrielle Lupien

Jeans After/Before

Notre jeans After/Before est conçu dans un denim hyper extensible. Note que dû aux traitements et à la colorisation le bleu pâle est légèrement moins extensible que le bleu foncé.

À retenir si tu te situe entre deux grandeurs:

- Bleu pâle, on te recommande de prendre la plus grande grandeur

- Bleu foncé, choisit la plus petite des deux

Version française à venir

Version française à venir

Version française à venir